In 2020 — How are AI technologies combined to support specific use cases?

Artificial Intelligence Use Cases That Will Make Your 2020 Much Brighter

We have barely come close to our goal of replicating human intelligence, and the entire world already seems thrilled with the applications of artificial intelligence. Even though many of its theories are designed keeping in mind the way a human brain works, it is far from exactly being one. But, even though as our pursuit for enhancing AI goes on, we have more than a few of its applications to look forward to discussing the details of the position.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most progressive and advanced technologies that we have in the world today. It is radically transforming everything it touches. Right from businesses to healthcare services, education, home automation, and social impact studies, etc. artificial intelligence has a huge role to play in every walk of life. If you don’t believe this, take a look around you. Right from your smartphone to the applications on it, smart speakers, fancy wearable devices, home automation products, television and much more. Everything today is becoming a powered by artificial intelligence device.

Take a look at any business, while all the titans have managed to implement AI in one or more of their core processes, small and medium enterprises are catching up. They are trying every bit to make small changes in their business models to make some space for AI. Also, because AI is selling like hotcakes in the market, every other brand wants to jump right into it. Regardless of the point that people are debating about a future built on the stepping stones of AI, it is shaping many sectors of the society for the good.

As we dwell into the future, we will find AI penetrating far more devices and industries than it does today. Even though we are still far away from calling it completely human, nothing is denying the fact that it has indeed surpassed the human level of calculations and analysis of critical problems. This is one of the reasons why brands all across the world are utilizing AI to drive changes. The point is that at the human pace of things it is far more difficult to achieve a world that we dream about. All the advancements, fighting existing problems, analyzing and getting to the core of things would take several years if humans got to the task

But, this is mostly because of the abundant data in today’s world. All the devices, digitization and everything else today around us generates data that is impossible to imagine. Recent market research suggests that by the year 2025 we will have as much as 175 zettabytes of data. The advantage of having an AI system comes from the idea that AI has the potential to turn this raw data into valuable information. Why else do you think most businesses are making use of it in today’s world?

It is data that is governing innovation, scale, and pace of change in the world. It is also helping shed light on some of the key issues that businesses and societies face as a whole. Moreover, data is the key to innovation in the time to come. For this reason, organizations and enterprises all over the world are realizing its importance and using technologies like AI to harness its benefits. Moreover, AI utilizes all this data to help us not only solve the challenges at hand but also predict the future. This futuristic view is helping brands take adequate measures and form strategies that help understand their customers in a better manner and shape their experiences for the good.

There are many use cases of AI that exist in the world since researchers and businesses are reluctantly exploring it in an attempt to solve the existing problems among other things. And as 2020 draws, some of these will be more prominent than the others. Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic use cases of AI that will dominate 2020-

Facial Recognition will expand Across Industries

Recognizing faces through intelligent algorithms and devices has found its use cases in a plethora of security applications across the world. Be it banking, fraud detection, retail or law enforcement, it is being widely used today. However, not every industry is using it as willingly as the others. In the time to come, facial recognition will be one use case of AI that will proliferate across organizations and industries and like nothing else. Right from ID checking to transportation, logistics, healthcare, fast food restaurants, airlines, hotels, food and beverage companies, and others will start utilizing facial recognition for their business.

Medicine and Genetics

Medical science is one industry that has a lot of scope of Java software development considering the technologies emerging in the world today. Be it the era of personalized medicine or expansion of medical facilities in remote locations around the world, healthcare will witness a lot of adoption of artificial intelligence for the good. Collaborative technologies like gene editing could altogether reshape the way we see diseases in the future. Moreover, healthcare professionals will be able to suggest a more accurate treatment for a patient due to AIs analyzing their extensive medical records.

Expanding Augmented Reality

Even though AR has existed in the world for a long time, its use cases have been limited. This year saw NASCAR transform the racing industry with augmented reality presentations of race car tire burnout events for their fans. This was done on AR-enabled mobile devices and utilized artificial neural networks along with its ability to infer the position of objects in real-time.

Virtual Employees

Several organizations were seen assigning an employee ID to virtual digital workers who were then assigned to different works in a particular project. All this points to one direction- AI and its entities are all set to take over the repetitive tasks in businesses. This will help humans focus on more important tasks just as decision making and strategy formation. In 2020, more than often human and digital workers will collaborate on different projects, making it fast-paced, efficient and successful. And who knows, one day the employee you find next to your cubicle might, after all, be AI itself.


These are only a few areas where AI is all set to expand in the coming months. Looking back when the last decade started, we realize that many of these ideas didn’t even exist, and several of these were only theoretical concepts. However, here we are successfully implementing AI in multiple industries. And just like this one, by the time decade starting 2020 ends, we will on an entirely new level talking concepts that seem impossible today.

Divyesh is working as freelance a Marketing Consultant specializing in blogging, editor and different digital marketing service provider.